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Many times small steps in the right direction have the biggest impact in our lives! Keep moving forward with your goals... if you get overwhelmed, just take smaller steps! Never give up!

Linda Fliss, MA, CHC

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4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Document your Daily Nutrition, Movement, and water intake to stay accountable to your healthy living goals.
  2. Create a Daily Gratitude practice to improve your overall feelings of peace and happiness.
  3. Improve your relationships with an easy way to record your Meaningful Connections.
  4. Extend compassion and forgiveness to yourself with the Daily Moment of Grace.
  5. Finally clear the physical clutter from your workspace or home with the daily 15-Minute Clutter Buster

About The Author

Linda Fliss, MA, CHC, is the owner of Twin Cities Life Coaching. She is passionate about self-care and healthy living.  If we don’t take care of ourselves first, how do we expect to care well for others in our lives?

Think of the oxygen mask in an airplane.  The instructions given to you before taking flight insist that if there is a change in cabin pressure, we are to put on our own mask BEFORE we assist others with theirs.

Our hectic, over-scheduled, over-worked lives push us to meet everyone else’s needs and deadlines before our own.  We have it backwards and need to take an airplane oxygen mask approach instead.

Take care of yourself first, and the rest will follow.

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